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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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would-to-a larnler apartment building. >> i opened the door. i said i think there is a fire. there is a fire. >> and saying within moments, flames were coming into the back window. >> i read and called 911. >> we had fire on the top floor of the building that spread to the delta. if you're looking at the front of the building is to the right. >> the fire chief says by the time firefighters arrived the apartment building that he manages was ablaze. >> firefighters are doing a great job now. we're in the heat of battle. we're getting upper hand on it now. my understanding is that there are three transports so far to the hospital. a civilian and two firefighters transported. >> all injuries were described
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as minor. and they determined it was too dangerous to go into the top building. >> there are teams standing by to determine the cause. >> 140 firefighters were called into the battle. midway through, became dangerous and firefighters were ordered out of of the buildings and the building were the fire began is over 100 years old, tr fears it would collapse. residents of the two most badly burned buildings stood outside, wondering what happened. >> this is a shock. i never thought i'd experience going through a fire, right now i'm still in shock. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> and that is very tough on people who lost their homes tonight. this is particularly this time of the year. >> thank you. and distraught residents are
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grateful to be save but devastated by what was lost. we're live with their stories. jonathan? >> you know the street corners were filled with people as smoke was rising up from buildings. some were in their work clothes others in robes and slippers. many will be able to return home soon but a few duz qen will be starting over with nothing. >> this is real bad. i can't breathe. >> many people are among the lucky ones. they are only displaced for an afternoon. >> they said smoke was too hazardous. >> as smoke spread, seniors evacuated with help from health care workers. the owner says she ordered everyone out. >> if the fire jumped, we have frail, elderly and did not
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want to be in a situation where anyone was going to be compromised. >> the senior community was never touched by the fire. a different story from the building where the flames began. >> there is a great bunch of people who live knit. i'm sorry to see it go. it looks like the building is a loss. >> some residents told us it was like having a death in the family. surveying damage, the sheriff says he was saddened by the destruction in the neighborhood he's represent forward years. >> and this is especially around the holidays. >> there is holiday hope for some. a law signed just threes ago let the city place them in new apartments and use tax dollars for a difference in rent. >> it's a great relationship we have to provide housing for people. >> onlookers says the miracle is that there are many
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survivors. the red cross set up a shelter just blocks from here at the missionary temple on golden gate avenue and will be preproe viding places to stay and will be providing a place for residents to help find long term housing. the red cross is asking for your donation. if you want to find out how to give, you can go to our web skpit click on see it on tv. >> thank you very much. windy there in the city and there is a grass fire pushing flames close to homes, firefighters now have the upper hand but had to be called in to fight this blaze. and this broke out before 1:00 in the afternoon. crews put up a lot of water and those homes are no longer threatened. >> start with initial priority
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what the risk was was the focus. >> and we looked out and hear is this fire that got fwors a while. my bushes were on fire. i was shaking like a leaf. >> 30 acres of wild land burned and po one is believed to have been hurt but officials are searching for homeless people who live in the area. >> there is another fire from a car that caused a major mess on westbound 580. this nissan burst into flames. the westbound 580 backed up for miles, all lanes are now open. no word wret on the condition of the driver. >> thousands of frustrated nurses took to picket lines today upset over contract talks with sutter health that they say aren't going anywhere. the issue is not pay, both sides concede nurses are well compensated. but this is the second strike in three months over sick time.
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>> they're trying to take away our sick time. if we have to come to work sick we jeopardize patients. >> and sutter management is offering 10 six days less, adding part of the reason is that they can't sustain the 21% pay increases over three years. >> we're offering nurses 35 days off of paid time off every year. that is almost two months of paid time off in a year. that is an enormous amount and people can use that time for sick time. >> replacement workers are filling n last time nurses went on strike a patient died from wrong medication administered by a replacement nurse. >> a handful of campers say they're going anywhere to fight police orders to pack up and move out. officers used force twice overnight. and berkeley police say the
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video doesn't tell the whole story. >> there is a small context of what's happening. >> the way i see it is that people are going to show up from other areas. this isn't going to be a stand down-leave situation. >> police made two arrests overnight. and this leaves fewer than 10 in the park don't. -- tonight. >> if you're dreaming of a white christmas, you can only imagine what they're thinking in the sierra. no snow means no business and we are live along highway 50 on the twi south lake tahoe tonight with the story. >> there is a winter and people had high hopes. you have to look to find snow
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up here. this is the best we can find. it's just ice. >> you don't need further proof to see this is not the typical december. crews battled a small blaze had there been snow. >> the ground probably would not have ignited. >> and you won't know it's almost christmas. december, 2011 is shaping around to be one of the top five driest on record dating back to 1849. the basin is just 39% for this date. mammoth mountain has gotten a foot and a half but people are still going. many ski resorts are surviving on man made snow. this is producing 32 million gallons of snow, a record so
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visitors have to make due. >> just hanging out and skiing on mand made snow. >> this is good skiing. >> this is kind of a bummer. >> lack of snow may be detering some tourists. neil who owns the apex inn saw a25% of the guests cancel plans. >> after december 20th we get busy. you'd be lucky to have a room. >> now? >> now you go here. it's, i mean, you can get a room for $50 easily. >> it's all perspective. it never snows where this family lives. they managed to find a patch of white to play in. >> we're visiting from malasy -- malaysia and my girls have never seen snow. >> and for skiers, big bear
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has tons. storms have bypassed just the sierra. don't give up on this snow season yet. the climate center says that the -- [ loss of audio ]. >> we apologize for that. she's reporting live this, is one of the driest decembers in years. and now, where the snow pack stands and if there is snow in the forecast. >> we might get lucky. and the last amount of snow is november 6th. so this is what it looked like this afternoon. the looks are going. there are skiers out there z no natural snow. look how dry it is. there is some stats for you. driest percent of normal for this state is well below only
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24% this time of the year. there is 22% in the lake tahoe area and i want to show you this. compared to this time last year, one year ago we're at 206% of normal. and we've got a long way to go. it's going to be dry this weekend but maybe next week will be doing that. >> and let's hope so. >> and helping one of their own. still to come, early christmas presents for a surfer that survived a shark attack. >> bicoastal occupy efforts to help an oakland woman get back into their homes. >> the school ring company fails to deliver on a promise that comes through in the end. that story is coming up on 7 on your side
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bart police say they're not sure why a transit bus ran into a field this afternoon. we showed you the scene at 4:00. the bus moving through the bus zone and ended up rolling on to the field. and 25 people were on the bus. six were hurt. and a passenger on another bus saw the whole thing said it was scary. >> this is horrible and chaos. she knocked out one light.
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the bus driver told to us get off the bus there is no word on how serious injuries are but they appeared to be minor. >> a man shot while driving in oakland this morning now died. his car burst into flames after hitting park vehicles just before 10:30 a.m. police say the 23-year-old victim was alone in the car and witnesses heard at least eight shots. detectives have no description of the shooter. >> an accident involving a chp officer snarled traffic this morning. the officer helping another officer near dakota road. the impact pushed officer across northbound lanes. and he was walking after the accident but when taken to the hospital as a precaution. a 27-year-old surfer who barely survived a shock attack
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got a new board and help with his medical bills. he told his survival story for the first time. >> eric is lucky to be here surrounded by friends, family and surfers. he was attacked in october while surfing at marinea state beach. doctors say a bite came within a whisper to rup touring an artery that could have killed him. he was wounds on his arms, finger and neck. he shared his ordeal for the first time it hit me from underneath on the side. then, when i came tork ways underwater and my arm was in his mouth. and it was swimming into the deeper sea and it's hard to think that it lachd on to my arm f it took a bite my arm would be gone it took a bite out of his surf board which may have shielded him from
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injury injuries. and david verner from verner surf boards says it's top of the line, made possible by contributions from surfers from around the world. >> people wanted to help. it's a, something that doesn't happen every day. it's, could be tragic. and with eric it was not z we just want to see him get back in the water. >> others attribute it to something eels he took one for the team. >> he didn't know any of those people but they've rallied behind hip. the surfing community is like that. >> any time you get bit like that and live it's got to be lucky. >> after the harrowing experience, one wonders will he go back into the water? he says, yes, he will as soon as surf conditions are right. >> and he'll be back.
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>> spencer is off tonight. >> leigh glaser is here to talk about the cold. >> it's hard to believe today is the first full day of winter. leaves still on the trees. and there is things are going to start to get colder for us. there is a beautiful shot. nice visibilities are out there. there is strong winds that will begin to die down. when they do, temperatures are going to bottom out this evening. there are freeze warnings in effect. current readings 44 in napa. half moon bay, 54 degrees. and there is is a look at wind gusts gusting to 20-30 miles per hour. north winds off shore wind flow started to die down. the winds are starting to relax a little bit. and there is southwest at
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three at santa rosa. livermore, winds have been howling. and slowly starting to come down out of the east at eight miles per hour now. and there is a look at highlights. winds decreasing overnight going to give way to cold temperatures. and we're going to keep it dry through the holiday. and there is a freeze warning in effect. protest pipes and your sensitive plants out there. and there is on the map here, where these freezes are expected with temperatures down, especially wind-protected areas into mid to upper 20s in locations. there is half moon bay into the 30s tonight.
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there is 32 for antioch. there is this monster rej. storm track, everything well north of us. highs bringing us dry air mass. overnight tonight these highs start to ease a little bit meaning winds come down a little bit. and this is a high still with us, you may see high clouds, getting ready for plenty of sunshine and temperatures maybe cooler as we won't have tros thoes winds. like we did this afternoon. there is a look at highs. you warm up nicely. lots of sunshine in san francisco. and interior east bay, once you thaw out getting ready for afternoon sun. we'll go 63 santa cruz. here going to continue in this dry weather pattern throughout
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the holiday weekend and yeah. it's going to be colder in morning but mild into afternoon was locations saturday and sunday into mid to low 60s, clouds kick in tuesday leading to a chance of rain tuesday night and wednesday. we'll keep you posted on that. >> just ahead here a san jose woman left in a lurch. >> someone stole her motorized
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an effort is underway to try to stop the 49ers stadium deal. the group plans to collect signatures to reject a contract to develop the $1 billion stadium. the group is looking for volunteers and 10,000s ndz donations to pay for legal help in this effort. last week the city council approved an $850 million loan commitment to build the stadium. >> a south bay woman says she is shocked after discovering someone stole her $4,000 wheelchair. >> right here. waits here. and it was covered with a tarp. >> kathy jo says it was in the same spot for the past seven years but saturday morning she noticed waits gone from outside of her apartment. and she says her power chair allowed her to have more freedoms.
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>> because i'm going to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life from a car accident i had. so it allows me to walk my dog and go to the store. >> this battery cover is the only thing the thief left. investigators now looking for her red trim high backed motorized chair. until police find out she will have to rely on this one, borrowed from a friend. >> glide memorial church got a boost from wells fargo bank today, accepting a check for $250,000 from bank officers at the ellis street headquarters. helping fund the walk in counseling sent skbrer womens center and organizers say violence can affect one in three women of color. and this will be used to pay fr a mobile dental unit. >> that payroll tax stalemate is over. the deal reached that will keep your taxes from going up
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and unemployment benefits from rolling in. >> and a warning following a deadly series of terrorist attacks in baghdad. >> what the pentagon says to blame for the u.s. air strike
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what's happening now is why people just get so frustrated with wash woosh. >> the president sounds off on a payroll tax stalemate and house republicans apparently got the message. they finally agreed to pass the two-month extensions of the taxes and unemployment benefits. >> and for some people, that means the difference between having a roof over their heads or living on the streets. >> it's a government office, lots of papers on the wall. each an opportunity if the right person come as long but a place with full measures of despair. >> i tried for jobs that are
6:30 pm
just basic jobs. and no dice. >> john holden worked 25 years until 18 months ago. today, the benefits expire he was one of the people sitting on a bubble, washington bickered over an extension. >> sometimes, it's hard to do the right thing. sometimes it's difficult to do the right thing. >> has this place become so dysfunctional that when people agree to things we can't do it? >> they finally did arks agreeing to a short term extension of the payroll tax and unemployment benefits for people about to run out. >> it's frustrating watching them play this back and forth. there are real people at stake here. and you know, this millions of people that have children that are trying to stay off the streets.
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>> the senate will negotiate about long term. >> i think taxes and taxes and i pay taxes 25 years. and you know... never asked for anything. you know? >> now, you're on hold? >> yes. >> and they're unable to take my call. >> and the governments weekly jobs report shows job market strengthening and saying the number of people applying dropped 4,000 to its lowest level since april, 2008. that marks the third weekly drop. and there are employers slow to start hiring. the dow jones finished up nearly 62 points closing at
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12,169. and a good day for s and p 500, closing up 10. >> president obama is condemning a deadly wave of bombings today and says efforts to derail progress there will fail. explosions killed 65 people and came in the form of car bombs and one suicide bomber. they're raising fears the sunni-shiite tension could lead to a civil war. the leader of a sunni backed political party predicts terrorism will continue until there are change wtz government. >> and the pentagon reveals today an overarching lack of trust between the us us and pakistan led to a nato air strike. and that is after u.s. forces
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thought they were under attack and they believed there were no pakistani troops in the area. the air force learned troops were unaware of the costs along the border with afghanistan. the probe blames a lack of communication. >> there is a focus to take whatever corrective measures are required to ensure this is not repeated. >> the pentagon expressed it's condolences for the loss of lives but the defense department did not apologize to pakistan. >> there are closing arguments into the army's so called wiki leaks scandal. private manning faces possible court marshal for sending several thousand u.s. documents to the wiki leaks web site. the military tribunal has until january 16th to decide whether to proceed. >> and pilots for ups are
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willing to go to court to make sure they get proper rest. they filed a lawsuit against the faa asking that ups pilots be included for the new rules that are designed to ensure pilots get proper rest. cargo pilots are not included. >> and there is a local family evicted from their foreclosed home is getting support from demonstrators, moving back in after the bank kicked them out. and their defiant decision to be home for the holidays. >> erin's daughters are back in their home just in time for christmas. >> it's an hon dwror stand there and be like we're taking the house back. you're just going to have to do something about it the family was evicted in july but in december reoccupied the property part of a protest organized by alliance of
6:35 pm
californians for community empowerment and this blames predatory lending practice autos when banks took billions of dollars us to bail them out several years ago they did it on the promise they'd use some of the money to help the homeowners in distress. they're not doing that. >> beth was one volunteer staying inside of the house this month. law enforcement tried unsuccessfully to force them out. now, she's helping the family replace household items stolen after they were evicted and are bombarding jp morgan chase with letters. and today supporters protests on the family's behalf. chase held the first mortgage but a second lender is the one that foreclosed. protesters claim the bank would not help modify the loan.
6:36 pm
>> chaes is the primary problem. >> no comment from two lenders. the family still hopes to work something out. with help from supporters, vows to fight for the property they've owned for 5 years. >> and 7 on your side is up next. >> tonight the east bay teenager who refused to give in when his class ring didn't
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that ring aprized momento. >> it's been five years after he a student graduated he was still waiting for the ring ordered. >> and not only give a ring but he got a firsthand lesson in customer service for a young entrepreneur. rosa is gushing with pride. her son is home for winter break, after his first semester in alabama. >> i'm thankful that i have a son with a desire to go to college. >> high school graduation dwaiz special but missing one thing. his class ring. >> it was disappointing ways looking forward to wearing it on graduation day to feel more
6:40 pm
happy. >> moses ordered it two months after the deadline but achievers confirmed it promised to still give it to him in time for graduation. the grad is no stranger to customer service. he ran his own business as part of a school's youth entrepreneur program. >> customer service means to me is making sure the customer you know is appreciated with what you have to offer. >> his company sold custom designs spray painted on plain white tee shirts and told see tee shirts so when you didn' didn't -- he didn't get the ring he knew what to do. >> he kept calling. no one returns the calls. i started calling. nothing happened. >> by the end of the summer they sent him a reng but not what he ordered explaining their school ring supplier shut down over the summer.
6:41 pm
the ring he ordered arrived after 7 on your side got involve solved. >> the ring has my name on witness a zodiac side on one skpid mascot on another side. 2011 around the initial. >> and for the family's troubles he has refunded the price of 400s oodz very cool. i like it. it's cool. >> and the company went above and beyond. >> yes. that is good to hear. >> and best buy says it will not be able to fill some online orders just days before christmas saying demand led to a problem redeeming orders made in december and november including black friday specials. the company did not specify how many orders are affected or which orders are out of stock.
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and now, some customers will be disappointed. >> we know holidays are rough on the waist line, but also on teeth. >> and next holiday favorites can do the worst damage and that can
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a lot of people are concerned about putting on weight. experts say some can leave with you another problem, stained teeth. >> both coughy and tea can stain teeth but this tea lover learn chd is worse. >> my dentist told me. said why are my teeth so yellow. he said do you drink a lot of tea? we do. >> the reason, substances in tea leaves stick to teeth mer than coffee it combines and sticks to the teeth, that is where the staining comes from. >> this cosmetic dentist says coffee, tee tae and seweddar year round threats, staining of holiday foods such as blu
6:46 pm
blub -- blue berry pie can last for months and he recommends brushing teeth or chewing sugar free gum and use a straw. >> drinking tea or coffee with an open cup is more staining. >> some foods can help whiten teeth. >> if you eat apple, celery, or strawberries you can whiten and clean your teeth faster and get rid of the staining affects during holiday season. >> and of course, teeth whiteners are an option, americans spend $1.4 billion on those every year. >> do we? >> yes. >> and there is leigh glaser here with a look at the forecast. >> high clouds, plenty of sunshine. we did have strong winds that will be dying down this evening and there is a nice
6:47 pm
december day f you're getting a start on holiday travel tomorrow, heading into southern california, i think you're going to be in los angeles, 68 degrees. there is really i think you're going to have 59 in sacramento. here is a look at highs tomorrow, starting off cold with freeze warnings for the northeast and south bay valley area. and then we start to,000 out with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 58 san francisco as well as livermore. 56 antioch z there is into christmas holiday weekend, still going to remain dry. enjoy it. you know this pattern is going to shift. by tuesday, and wednesday, we may see that shift happening. and there is a chance of rain.
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>> and tonight walmart pulled a powdered infant formula from shelves at 3,000 stores after the death of a missouri newborn. the product is enfamil newborn formula. the newborn apparently died from a rare bacterial infection. it's important to note the formula had not been recalled just being taken off shelves at walmart. officials are waiting for test results on the formula and water used to mix it. and the maker says they test for bacteria and those tests were neg tif and johnson & and johnson is asking retailers to remove 12 million bottles of motrin from store shelves saying the it is not a danger but there may abe delay in pain relief.
6:49 pm
the recall covers 24 count and 24 plus six count tablets and says the cause of the problem is under investigation. >> and new sch suggests size of some parts of a brain might signal whether they're at risk fosh reling alzheimer's disease. researchers found elderly patients were more likely to develop alzheimer's if certain regions of the brains were small and admit more research is needed to help identify those at risk of developing alzheimer autos and there is five law enforcement agencies trying to figure out how to spend $100,000 each receiving their share of the money by assets seized and there is i want to take an opportunity
6:50 pm
and thank our partners. it's really a true holiday gift and special thank you to men and women of the police department and our team who made the apprehension. appreciate what they do. >> and thank you. >> in addition southern alameda county task force also received checks. >> welcome news for them. still to come it appears a's are ready to unload yet another young star. >> up next getting ready to say goodbye to geo gonzales. where he's heading. [ female announcer ] hurry to jcpenney... ...for the final days to save before christmas... ...and shop til midnight for those last minute gifts. like 60% off must have winter coats... ...and 60% off the coziest sleepwear.
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go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney.
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...for the final days to save before christmas... ...and shop til midnight for those last minute gifts. like 60% off must have winter coats... ...and 60% off the coziest sleepwear. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney.
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hope you can join me tonight coming up then, it's a first in nearly a century. how the birth of this baby girl is making history. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 last california troops out of iraq and proposal that couldn't wait. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now, on to sports and business. >> oh, boy. a lot of change autos there is a's may be good good in 2015. >> and there is rumors out
6:54 pm
there for a while. a's continue what is beyond extreme, it's radical. he went 16 and 12 with the a's and one of the popular guys on the team. going to nationals for four prospects four of the top 10 prospects. and you know... only 26 years o.d and he's eligible for salary arbitration expected to make $4 million next season. not a huge contract but one more move making you think a's are rebuilding for three, or four years down the road. they hope to be in san jose. giants didn't want to spend money to bring carlos back. cardinals had to make a move after losing albert pujols. and belltran joined st. louis.
6:55 pm
and he will turn 35 in april. a shocker from usc. quarterback barkley will return for his senior year at sc. he would have been a top 10 pick in the nfl draft but said he has unfinished business with the trojans. skm the trojans were on probation and barkley's return will make usc scary next season. they're instant national title contenders. to the pros, 49ers defense setting an nfl record not allowing a single rushing touchdown this season their biggest challenge may come saturday when lynch trying to get into feast mode. niners say they're ready. >> we just got done with the defense as a whole. and this is an impressive now.
6:56 pm
and is running with purpose and fighting every inch he can get. >> and warriors are getting ready for season opener sunday night against clippers. and it does not look ready to play at this point. curry watched in street clothes today z look at way he's limping there. walking gingerly, strained his right ankle again. he had surgery in may. doctors told him did he not undo the surgery. look. it's not draw matic. this thing he did. and it's unclear if he's going to be able to go by sunday. >> very optimistic. three days and four days for the next game and overnight that we can get to 100%. it's hard to gauge just not knowing how to respond after the surge rye huge loss for the nets. and there is average 20 points
6:57 pm
per game last year. and he never missed a game until now and and and cal in bakersfield today not close at all. there is the game 90-48 and we're, you know after the lockout. >> right. yeah. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> you can join the conversation about the apartment building fire at 7 news. >> from all of us, thanks for watching.
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